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About Brix

Brix Engineering Pte Ltd is the reliable products & solutions provide for Analytical and Automation Systems. Since 2015, we’re catering rapidly evolving South East Asia region of the world with our industry specific knowledge. Our products basket caters Oil &Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Fertilizers, Power plants, Coal & Mining, Chemical, Water & Waste water in major.

We are authorized representative of Buehler Technologies GmbH, known as Bühlerthat offers complete range of Sample Gas Analysis components and Fluid control components.

For 50 years, Bühler Technologies GmbH have been developing, manufacturing and selling components and system solutions in the “Analytical Technology” and “Fluid Control ” divisions. Through their specialization in the market niches of gas analysis and hydraulics, Bühler have succeeded in becoming a global leader in both disciplines.

We also represent Axis Solutions Private Limited, India in the South East India (SEA) region. Axis Solutions has wide range of Analytical Systems, Solutions and Products like CEMS, SWAS, GAS, Purge Panels, HVAC, Analyser Shelter, &Analyzer Systems for oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery, telecom, cement industries, power plants, power generation, equipment manufacturers and other engineering verticals.

Brix has developed wide range of sensors and transmitters to measure water parameters like COD, BOD, TSS, pH, NO3-N, NH-N, TN, Turbidity, Colour, Cond., DO, NH4,ORP, Nitrate, Residual chlorine, FC,OIW, Oil & Grease, Fluoride, Ferous,Hardness, Phenol, Phosphate, Iron,Total phosphate, Sulphide, Arsenic etc.


Inspired to build the best products & solutions that can prevent environment crisis by implementing as per country specific regulatory standards.


Making the world better place with least environmental effects.