Aerosol Filter (AF1)

The reliable and long-term operation of any process analyzer depends upon the efficiency of the sample conditioning system for which dust, Solid particulate, and moisture-free sample gas is most essential. Axis AF1 is equipped with an efficient filter to provide dust, solid particulate, and moisture-free sample gas by ensuring the security of the analyzer. It is not a reusable filter. When it is exhausted with severe contamination outlet of the filter will be very less or negligible means no flow at the outlet. If this condition occurs that means it is time to replace Aerosol filter with new one. It is widely used in Gas Analysis Systems (GAS), wastewater incineration plants, biogases plants, ambient monitoring systems, and Cement, Glass, Steel as well as paper industries. It is not recommended to use Aerosol filter for aromatic hydrocarbons means oils and fuels in refinery process gases.

  • Economical
  • Light in weight
  • No maintenance
  • Easy for installation
  • Secure protection against condensate & dust
  • Less process drop
  • Highly reliable in continuous operation
  • Corrosive resistive material


: Flue Gas / Stack Gas




: Horizontal or Vertical


: Approx. 30 gm

Flow Rate

: Max. 400 LPH