Auto Changeover Regulator (ACR1)

Axis Gas Cylinder Auto change over regulator is designed to deliver continuous flow from gas cylinder to further system or it is used when a stable outlet pressure is required. It is equipped with two stage pressure control regulator. In first stage regulator fixed amount of gas pressure will be controlled and in second stage means line regulator can be adjusted with knob to achieve the desired system pressure. This two stage regulator technique shrinks the supply – pressure effect caused by depleting Gas cylinders. Refer typical application diagram like Gas Supply A & Gas Supply B are connected at inlet of change over unit. During operation when Gas supply A cylinder pressure reduced to predefined level it will change over to Gas Supply B It is mainly used in analyser or Gas chromatograph systems as a carrier gas cylinder constant flow. Apart from this it can be used where critical welding machine processes & laser cutting processes are carried out.

Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd is an Indian company that manufactures and exports auto change over regulator. The company was founded in 1999 with the objective of manufacturing high quality, innovative products for power distribution system. Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd has had a long successful history of supplying transformers to India’s leading industries which include power plants, steel mills, textile mills and more.

  • Economical
  • Wall Mount
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • Less space occupied due to horizontal installation
  • Used up to 300 bar and 170 0 C temperature media
  • Highly reliable for continuous operation
  • Designed for uninterrupted gas flow for stored gas cylinder
  • Eliminate costly system downtime and maintenance
  • High Performance


: Horizontal

Body material

: SS 316

Seat Material



: Nitrile / Metallic


: Refer Datasheet