Ex Proof Sample Gas Probe

In any sample gas conditioning, the sample take-off point is a very challenging part between the process and sample conditioning system. Hence the AXIS sample gas probe SGP1-BB is specifically designed for this harsh and robust environment with competitive cost.

SGP1-BB is equipped & designed with efficient variable filters by removing aerosols, dust content, and humidity by ensuring the security of the analyzer as well as a further sample conditioning system.

The main application of SGP1-BB is to extract the gas for analysis in the Continuous Monitoring and Emissions System. SGP1 ensures easy mounting and installation, safe operation, and trouble-free maintenance.

The SGP1-BB heated probe power supply can be in either 110 VAC or 230 VAC as per customer requirement. There is no temperature control requires as the self-regulating heater is present. The separate thermostat provides for low-temperature monitoring. For electrical connection to SGP1, a separate Junction box is provided.

  • Used in Gas Analyser Conditioning
  • Stainless steel Construction
  • Optional Calibration / Optional Auto Blowback
  • Flange Mount
  • Probe Temperature more than 130°C
  • Low-Temperature Alarm
  • Smart Programmable Blowback Controller
  • Dust And Water Protection
  • Economical
  • Ease of Maintenance & Operation
  • Outdoor and Indoor application
  • Replacement of filter element without any tool
  • Less Volume & Fast Response time

Mounting :


Sample :

Flue Gas or process gas

Weight :

Approx. 8 Kg

Dimension (protective case) :

(H) 650 X (W) 550 X (D) 315

Protective case :