Cation Column

In the Power industry, it is very critical to measure conductivity very accurately. The real conductivity measurements are affected by the treatment of chemicals.

So it is very important to remove the masking effects of these chemicals.

AXIS Cation Columns are the best solution for it. The conductivity measured after the cation column will be real, accurate, and reliable.

Slim design ensures the removal of dead volume due to high velocity. End fittings make sure that there is no liquid dead volume present in the column so no plug flow and reduces the channeling effect.

The Leading Supplier of Cation Column for the Power Industry

Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd provides the best cation column required for the power industry. Buy our equipment for real and accurate conductivity measurements. Low cost, easy operation and zero maintenance cost of our product have won the trust and confidence of thousands of our customers across the world.

  • Specially designed dual mode
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy of maintenance
  • Slim design ensures the proper exchange of resins effective channeling through the resin.
  • Reduces dead volume with pipe and end fitting design
  • Online Easy replacement of cation resin without dismantling the column
  • The transparent plastic column permits easy identification for a resin replacement
  • Very Accurate & Reliable
  • High-grade resins used
  • Long life


: Water


: Transparent Acrylic


: 50°C for housing


: Wall


: Refer Datasheet