Display and control unit Thermotronik TT-77

Changes in the viscosity of hydraulic oil and lubricants due to the temperature require precise monitoring and stabilizing the operating temperature. Carefully monitoring the temperature further also affects the service life of the oils. The oil tank is generally accepted as the control point for the oil temperature, which will usually provide helpful averages. It may further be helpful to also monitor segments or individual units within a system. The values determined from the measuring points must be transferred to the system control according to standards. For safety reasons, it is advisable to at a minimum display the current oil temperature on the oil tank. The Thermotronik TT-77F offers accurate oil temperature measurement and display in one and allows a variety of programming options for the display and signal output. The Thermotronik TT-77W consists of a temperature sensor and the display unit for remote installation using the Easy Mount System and allows a variety of programming options for the display and signal outputs. The large range of system-compatible temperature sensors is tailored for use in hydraulic and lubrication technology.

  • Electronic temperature switch
  • Up to four programmable switching outputs
  • Alternatively with IO-Link and 1 x programmable switching output
  • Directly mount display and control unit
  • LED display indicates switching outputs, swivels 270° when directly mounted
  • Standard menu structure based on VDMA standard sheet 24574 ff.
  • Min/max memory, logbook function
  • Sensor length up to 1 m
Operating pressure : Max. 5 bar
Operating temperature : -40 °C to +100 °C
Lengths : 280, 370, 500 mm (standard) variable from 70 to max. 1000 mm
Probe material (immersion tube) : Brass
Connection (flange) : G 1/2