Smart Transmitter

DM-1 Dust Monitor is a self-developed dust analysis product based on Laser Back Scattering Principle. The core components are all imported. The product is mainly used for continuous monitoring of particulate matter concentration, realizing continuous dust detection for single point or multiple points. It can also be matched with CEMS to provide real-time dust data.

  • Support online zero and span calibration
  • Automatic gain control function and temperature compensation
  • Convenient for installation, disassembly and cleaning with small and compact structure
  • Able to eliminate influence of background stray light

Range : 0~500mg/m3, 0~10g/m3 (customizable)
Indication error : ≤±20%
Span drift : ±2%F.S.
Flue diameter : 0.5m~15m (customizable)
Power : <3W
IP grade : IP65
Analog output : 1X4-20mA, max load of 800Ω, 2X4-20mA is optional
Communication interface : RS485 (optional)
Working temperature : -20 C~+45 C
Flue gas temperature : 300 C (higher temperature can be customized)
Human-computer interaction : infrared remote controller+LCD (large