DM-3 Dust Monitor (Extractive)

The DM-3 Dust Monitor (Extractive) is a self-developed online dust analysis product based on Laser Forward Scattering Technology. All key components are imported. It is especially suitable for online dust monitoring under low temperature and high humidity working condition.

  • Extract dust under high temperature tracing, avoiding moisture interfering dust measurement
  • Adopt jet pump of large diameter, preventing dust accumulation and cause
    blockage, long maintenance-free time
  • Temperature compensation and auto range switching function
  • Parallel and isokinetic sampling of pitot tube, meeting technical requirements of dust sampling

Range : 0~20mg/m3, 0~50mg/m3 (customizable)
Detection limit : 0.05mg/m3
Indication error : ≤±20%
Repeatability of indication error : ±10%
IP grade : IP54
Power : 1500W
Analog output: 4X4-20mA output, max load of 500Ω
Communication interface: RS485, RS232 (optional)
Working temperature: -20 C~+50 C
Medium temperature: <300 C
Human-computer interaction: OLED display
Weight: 100kg