Dosing unit EMIDos

One conditioning step in extractive analysis of process and emissions gases is reliable, constant reduction of humidity in the sample gas. The condensate this produces results in sometimes considerable washout effect. This can result in inaccurate measurements, particularly in acidic gas components (e.g. SO2). Adding acidic liquids at an appropriate point in the conditioning system reduces the acid solubility by manipulating the pH level in the condensate, ensuring reliable measurements. The EMIDos dosing unit was designed for this specific application. It consists of a wall mount made from non-corrosive stainless steel. This holds the reservoir for the dosing agent and the dosing pump with adequate capacity. The tubing has minimal cross-sections to ensure rapid response times. An adjustable sensor for monitoring the residual level is located on the side. The suction port us located inside the container cover.

Compact design.

Dosing pump with consistent flow rate.

Dosing connection for heat exchanger included.

Reduces SO2 washout (complies with EN 15267).

Stainless steel wall mount.

Dosing pump with pump bracket.

Short feed time, fast response time.

Adjustable level monitor.

Optional: Collection pan for safe acid storage.

Capacitive sensor for level monitoring.

Acid container with modified cover.

Dosing line kit.

Ready for operation

Ready for use immediately after switching on

Ambient temperature

5 °C to 50 °C

IP rating



Stainless steel, brushed

Weight without acid

approx. 5 kg