Smart Transmitter

GA-Hg Mercury Continuous Emission Monitoring System is an environmental
monitoring product based on Cold Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry, developed for measuring real-time mercury concentration and accumulative mercury discharge in flue gas emission. It is composed by sampling probe, tracing pipe, pretreatment system, mercury Analyzer, element mercury generator, ion mercury generator and nitrogen generator, which can online monitor gaseous element mercury, gaseous ion mercury and gaseous total mercury. The detection limit can reach 0.05μg/m3.

  • Adopt Cold Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry; low detection limit, small temperature drift
  • Continuously extract raw gas in large flow into pretreatment system; strong adsorption resistance and fast response
  • Sampling probe adopts technology combining internal purge and external purge, long maintenance-free period
  • Detect dilution ratio in real time; calculate actual Hg concentration according to real-time dilution ratio to reflect working operating condition truly
  • Employ catalyst to react under 800 C, valence state conversion efficiency can reach 95%

Measuring technology : Cold atomic fluorescence
Range : 0~20μg/m3~200μg/m3 (customizable)
Dimension : 800mmx600mmx1800mm
IP grade : cabinet IP42, others Ip65
Power supply : (220±15%)VAC, 5000W
Working temperature : -20 C~+50 C
Working humidity : 0~95%RH (non-condensing)
Compressed air : 0.9MPa, 0.25m3/min, clean, oil-free & water-free