GALGT-2 Laser Gas Analyzer (In-situ)

GALGT-2 is a kind of explosion-isolation in-situ probe type tunable laser gas
Analyzer, which is developed for industrial online analysis and environmental online monitoring. It can online analyze O2, CO, NH3, CO2, CH4, H2O, HCl, HF, HCN and other gases under various complex working conditions (Note: a single Analyzer can only analyze 1~2 components). The measured gas concentration ranges from constant to trace.

  • In-situ measurement is adopted without pretreatment system to avoid sampling adsorption, blockage and component damage in preprocessing
  • Integrated structure: no moving parts, with good reliability and stability
  • Adopt “Single Line Spectrum” Technology, free from cross interference of background gas
  • The optical path realizes uncoupling direction adjustment, simple optical path adjustment at site

Ex-mark : ExdIICT6 GB
IP grade : IP66
Response time : ≤1s (T90)
Analog input : 2×4-20mA input
Analog output : 2×4-20mA output
Digital communication : RS485/RS232
o o Working temperature : -20 C~+60 C
Purge gas : (0.3~0.8) MPa nitrogen, purified instrument air