GALGT-6 Laser Gas Analyzer

GALGT-6 is a 19-inch disc-mounted tunable laser gas analyzer developed for industrial online analysis and environmental online monitoring at home and abroad. Adopting TDLAS technology, with better detection limit index, it can simultaneously measure concentration of 1~5 different gases and the gas component is customizable. (including O2 , CO2, NH3, H2S, HCl, HF, HCN, CO2 , CH 4, H2O and etc.)

  • Common structure, convenient for integration
    Adopt 19-inch 4U disc-mounted chassis; internal key parts all use modular design, convenient for multiple instruments to integrate and combine
  • Strong anti-interference capacity, high measurement accuracy and small drift
    Taking semiconductor laser with high stability and low noise as light source, adopting single-line spectrum technology and laser wavelength scanning technology, it effectively eliminates the influence caused by background gas components, light source change and etc. Thus, the analyzer owns features of strong anti-interference capacity, high measurement accuracy, small measurement drift and good stability.
  • Multiple parameters display on one screen, fast response time
    It contains 1~4 laser transmitting modules with high integration and small size, realizing 1~5 parameter measurement. Gas components are
    customizable and display on the same screen. Short response time for gas concentration detection and high sensitivity

Calibration period ≤2 times/year (or auto calibration)
Response time (T ) 90 ≤30s (relate to working condition)
Analog output 4×4-20mA output (isolation, maximum load 750Ω)
Relay output 4×output (24V, 1A)
Digital communication RS485/RS232/GPRS
Power 100VAC ~ 240VAC
Ambient temp -20℃~+60℃
Purging gas 0.3MPa~0.8MPa industrial N2 or air of purification instrument
Installation Method Sampling installation