Gas cooler series TC-Double X2

In the chemical industry, petrochemistry or biochemistry, reliable process control relies on prompt and exact determination of the operating parameters. Here, gas analysis is the key for safe and efficient control of process flows, environmental protection and quality assurance. This benefits controlling flue gas emission in power stations or exhaust gas analysis in automotive engineering, as well as the efficient control of air separators or sterile production and packaging in the food industry. Many of the analysis processes used in these fields require extracting the sample gas. This inevitably also extracts process-related contamination such as particles or moisture. These in turn can impact the measurement results or damage the measuring cells. The sample gas must therefore be conditioned before entering the analyser. Many applications require equipment which can be used in explosive areas. This is where the TC-Double X2 series provides solutions for Zone 2 or Class I, Division 2.

AeTaEtXu raensd IECEx Zone 2 approval.

FM C-US approval for Class I, Division 2.

One gas path.

Heat exchanger made from stainless steel, Duran glass or PVDF.

Adjustable outlet dew point and alarm thresholds.

Rated power 270/310 kJ/h, 40 °C/60 °C version.

Max. ambient temperature 60 °C.

Dew point stability 0.1 °C.

Status display and output.

Cooling block temperatures display.

Moisture detector connection, analog output, filter, and peristaltic pump optional.