Housing for Absorption Filters ADF-170 / ADF-300 (Ammonia Filter)

Gas analysis is a complex field. The sample gas to be analysed must be extracted and handled under quite diverse conditions to yield representative and reliable analysis results. There frequently is a need to remove gaseous components from the sample gas through ad-/absorption. For applications where the incidence of interfering components may fluctuate or the materials must have a long lifetime, the ADF-170/300 model housings are the top choice.

All-purpose, in various sizes.

Available with high-efficiency NH3 absorber filling.

Up to 38.000 hours life time for NH3 absorber.

Quick and easy maintenance (tool-less).

Quick and easy maintenance (tool-less).

Chemical and temperature-resistant materials.

Condensate output optional.

Filter glass

Duran glass

Temperature max.

150 °C (gas) / 100 °C (ambient)

Pressure max.

2 bar abs. at 150°C

Fill volume

approx. 125 ml for ADF-…-170

approx. 250 ml for ADF-…-300

Material – gasket