IHO2-1 Integrated Oxygen & Humidity Measurement in Flue Gas

IHO2-1 adopts advanced Solid State Zirconia Electrolyte Measurement Technology. The core sensor employs structure design of high-temperature resistance (max temperature of 900 C) that can work stably in high-temperature environment for a term. The product owns features of high temperature resistance, high measuring accuracy, strong corrosion resistance, fast response and stable performance, etc.

  • Long-term use under high-temperature (250 C) flue gas environment
  • Meet integrated online monitoring requirements of humidity and oxygen
  • Imported sensor ensures service life of Analyzer
  • Probe adopts special material with stronger anti-corrosion capability
  • IP65, suitable for heavy weather out of doors
  • Simple operation, long service life, easy maintenance
  • Support 485 Modbus protocol, meet environmental requirements
  • Humidity and oxygen can be calibrated at site, guaranteeing measuring accuracy

Principle : dry & wet oxygen
Sampling method : plug-in
IP grade : IP65
Installation method : standard DN65 flange, other specifications can be customized
Probe rod length : standard length of 0.8m, other specifications can be customized
Flue gas temperature : 0~250 C
Display method : LCD display, inside instrument
Power : 220VAC±10% 50HZ, 30W
Output interface : 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V (selectable)
Serial port communication : support 485 Modbus protocol