Level- and temperature switch Nivotemp NT 61, NT 61D, NT 61-HT

In hydraulics and lubrication technology, the fill level of oil tanks needs to be monitored continuously. Here, modern factory automation requires compatible signals. Despite central system control, visualizing the current level on the actual tanks is often desired. To minimize production costs and the space required on containers, it makes sense to use one monitor for both e.g. the fill level and oil temperature. The Nivotemp series meets virtually all requirements arising in this area of application.

NT 61

  • Connecting flange as per DIN 24557 Part 2.
  • Various plug options.
  • Up to 4 switching outputs for liquid level or 2 switching outputs for liquid level plus Pt100 or analog output for temperature.
  • Proven and tested highly dynamic float system.
  • Immersion tube length up to 1.5 m (longer upon request).
  • suitable for up to 230 V DC (varies by version).
  • NT 61-HT (used for HFC+HFA oils) for temperatures up to 150 °C.

NT 61D

  • LED display swivels 270°.
  • Up to 4 programmable temperature switching outputs.
  • Alternatively, continuous temperature signal plus one freely programmable switching output).
  • Characteristics of switching outputs configurable as frequency output (1-100 Hz).
  • Standard menu structure based on VDMA standard sheet 24574 ff.
  • Min/max memory, logbook function.

Operating pressure:

: Max. 1 bar

Operating temperature

: -20 °C to +80 °C


: SK 610

Min. fluid density

: 0.80 kg/dm³

Lengths (all versions)

: 280, 370, 500 mm (Standard) variable to max. 1500 mm