Liquid Drainer

The Reliable & long term operation of any process analyzer depends upon the efficiency of the sample conditioning system for which dust, solid particulate & moisture free sample gas is essential. Where condensate separation and removal from the sample is a major problem for analyses of gas, Axis LD1 is the best solution.

The main application of this product is the separation of condensation from the upstream sample gas conditioning for emission and process monitoring system. It can be used only for applications with pressure above atmospheric pressure. Basically, its major application is to collect the condensation from the upstream flow path of the sample gas cooler and automatically drain the condensation.

Another application is for condensate pre-separation of saturated gas with immediate drainage. Model LD1 provided with separators and automatic condensate drains for lateral gas connection for additional separator functions. For the above-mentioned function required overpressure means above atmospheric pressure.

ASPL has 2 different versions of the model, one with Stainless Steel and second with PVDF. Where high pressure occurs in the system then the Stainless Steel version is suitable or where low pressure occurs and some acidic contents are in the system then the PVDF version is suitable.

Auto condensate removal is working on the Float – Buoyancy principle. Normally float closes the condensate drain outlet through a needle. Due to the raising condensate level, the outlet is released by the buoyancy of the float.


: Vertical


:  Refer Datasheet


: Flue Gas or Stack Gas

Body Material

: SS 316


: 1.0 Kg