Liquid Level Control for External Mounting NS 25/15 AM-DNV,

NS 25/15 AM-DNV, NS 25/25 AM-DNV, NS 25 AM G1/2-DNV

The control of liquid level in reservoirs, gear boxes or other complex constructions often requires the use of controls with a visual indicator that can be mounted externally. The NS 25… series of level controls has been specifically designed for marine and off-shore applications. Due to the harsh application environment these products must be specifically tested and certified. The visual level indicator is a standard item and has excellent visibility from any direction. The indicator itself is guided in a transparent tube and is moved by the magnetic field of the float inside the stand pipe. The electrical contacts are mounted to the indicator scale. The contacts can be adjusted to any position. The level indicator is mounted to the vessel by pipe fittings or flanges. Contacts MKS-1/W-L-24V are equipped with an LED.

DNV-GL specification.

Visual indicator.

Adjustable contacts.

Rugged design.

Contacts with connectors.

Compact dimensions.

Max. operating pressure 25 bar
Max. operating temperature + 120 °C (NS 40: + 50 °C)
Float SK 661 1.4571
Flanges galvanised steel
Visual indicator tube PC