Membrane filter water stop

The membrane filter water stop protects the gas analyser from liquids, aerosols and particles. The filter installs in the tubing (PTFE) or piping (stainless steel) directly before the gas analyser.

Reliable gas analyser protection from condensate and dust.

Compact size.

Oil repellent membranes (stainless steel version).

Bypass function ready (stainless steel version).

Easy membrane replacement (stainless steel version).

Oil repellent membranes (stainless steel version).

Max. Membrane water pressure:

2 bar

Max. Operating pressure gas/oil:

2 bar gas

Recommended max gas glow:

400 L/h (air)

Pressure drop:

100 L/h: 10 mbar

400 L/h: 40 mbar

Materials used:

Coated PTFE, PP