Moisture Detectors and Controllers

In extractive gas analysis the sample gas must be conditioned before it enters the measuring cell of the analyser. One of these conditioning stages is moisture precipitating in socalled sample gas coolers. Since the composition of the sample gas can fluctuate, a condensate slip downstream from the cooler cannot be entirely ruled out. Moisture detectors installed in the cooler output indicate such slip. Combined with suitable controllers this will generate the respective signals/alarms in the control system. The moisture detector series features a wide range of options.

Connect up to two parallel moisture detectors or one moisture detector.

Potential-free outputs for moisture alarm and cable break on standby current (fail-safe).

LEDs for voltage, moisture and cable break.

Fault analysis settings: auto-reset or lock.

Auto-resetting alarms, based on open circuit principle.

LEDs for voltage, moisture and cable break.

Moisture detector




PVDF,1.4571, epoxy resin, 1.4576, PTFE

 PE, 1.4571, epoxy resin, 1.4576

Cord length:

Standard 4 m, 4 x 0.34²

 Standard 4 m, 2 x 0.25²

Max. operating pressure:

2 bar

 40 bar

Operating temperature:

3 °C to 50 °C

 3 °C to 50 °C