Multiparameter Measurement Sensor - MVBAR

The MVBAR is a Multiparameter Measurement Sensor. This is a single integrated sensor used for the measurement of various parameters like Velocity, Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature and Conductivity of Conductive Liquid.

  • IoT Enabled Device
  • Wired or Wireless Signal Transmission
  • Single Instrument for Multiparameter
  • Hot Retractable Insertion Sensor
  • Simple and Time Saving Installation
  • Wide Range of Applications

Pressure : 0 to 20kg/cm Gauge

Temperature : 0 to 100°C

Fluid Level : 0 to 5000mm (as per Probe Length)

Process temperature : -20 to +100°C or -20 to +250°C

Ambient temperature : 0 to 65°C

Power Consumption : 20W

Ingress Protection : Weatherproofs IP 65

Electrical Connection : M 20 x 1.5 (other on request) / Circular Metal Connector