Peltier Sample Gas Cooler


The reliable and long-term operation of an analyzer system depends upon the efficiency of the sample conditioning system for which a stable dew point of the sample is essential.

Axis Peltier Cooler – PC1 is one of the options to maintain a stable dew point by removing condensation from the sample.

It is mainly used where refrigeration based (compressor-based) resources is a challenge. It is a fully mechanical device hence very less maintenance is required. it is used in Gas Analysis System.

The heat exchanger is either a single path or dual path so that two different streams can be catered. A very compact design ensures the best placement of other components with an indirect saving of cost.


In the chemical industry, petrochemistry or biochemistry, reliable process control relies on prompt and exact determination of the operating parameters.

Here, gas analysis is key for safe and efficient control of process flows, environmental protection, and quality assurance. This benefits controlling flue gas emission in power stations or exhaust gas analysis in automotive engineering, as well as the efficient control of air separators or sterile production and packaging in the food industry.

Peltier Cooler – PC2 offers a variety of options for installation in gas analysis systems.

Compact design for installation into a gas cooling system

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy for installation
  • Low operating noise
  • No Compressor
  • Model for high ambient temperature
  • Adjustable outlet dew point.
  • The nominal capacity of 90 kJ/h.
  • Dew point stability 0.1 °C.
  • MCD400 display module for separate installation.
  • High dew point stability.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Ensure high condensate removal.

Ready for operation

: After max. 10 minutes


: Refer dimensional detail

Rack material

: Stainless steel

Status output switching capacity

: Max. 230 V AC, 150 V DC 2 A, 50 VA, potential-free