PG01 Portable UV Flue Gas Analyzer

PG01 Portable UV Flue Gas Analyzer is mainly composed by monitoring unit of gaseous pollutants (SO2, NOX, CO, CO2), monitoring unit of flue gas parameters
(e.g. oxygen content), data collection & processing unit. The structure consists of
flue gas sampler, transmission pipeline, flue gas preprocessor and Analyzer. The
product is equipped with Android touch screen, large storage capacity, multi-port output and printer for real-time monitoring data, etc.

  • Adopt Stoichiometric Algorithm, low detection limit and small temperature drift
  • NOX content can be directly obtained by measuring NO and NO2 without
  • NO2→NO converter
  • Full UV spectrum measurement, without cross interference
  • Electronic scanning of full spectrum, no optical moving parts
  • Low requirements for measured gas, able to applied in dust and high humidity working condition

Analyser model : normal temp type condensation & water removal/
high temp type full-course high temperature
Measurement technology : UV-DOAS (SO2, NO, NO2), electrochemistry
(O2) infrared/laser (CO), infrared/laser TDLAS (CO2)
Range : 0~50~1500mg/m3 (SO2, NO, NO2), 0~25% (O2),
0~500~10000ppm (CO), 0~65% (CO2)
Indication error : ≤2%F.S.
Working temperature : 5 C~45 C
Working humidity : 0 C 85%RH