PVDF and PFA hose and pipe fittings for glass connections

The fittings are used to connect plastic tubes and pipes to glass fittings, for example in glass heat exchangers or glass condensate traps. We further offer types with hose fittings integrated in the swivel nut and types to insert and secure in existing glass fittings. You will further find seals required for using the selected plug-in fittings with your existing glass fittings. Tubes can also be connected to glass connections without fittings by using a support tube and secured with the glass seal. These support tubes are also listed in this data sheet.

Glass fittings GL14, GL18 and GL25.

PVDF removable compression fittings.

Metric hose and pipe sizes; standard: DN 4/6, DN 5/8, DN 6/8, DN 8/12, and DN 10/12.

PVDF version:

With PVDF fittings the hose slides over a cylindrical connection piece and secured with a clamping collar and the knurled nut.

PFA version:

With PFA fittings the rigid tube slides over a cylindrical connection piece. When tightening the knurled nut, the gasket will seal the connection and a cutting ring secure it.

As per customer requirement.