Sample gas probe GAS 222.20 Ex1

In many applications gas analysis is the key to safe and efficient control of process flows, environmental protection, and quality assurance. In the extractive gas analysis, the location of the gas sampling point is crucial for the reproducibility and accuracy of the analysis results. The specific filter capacity, corrosion resistance, and functional equipment requirements for the probe arise from the composition of the sample gas. However, operating costs are also an important criterion in the selection, as the sampling points are frequently located at hard to access points in the system. Effective particle filter backwashing options and low maintenance characterize the extensive GAS probe series.

  • Versions with Atex and IECEx approval.
  • Heated probe with downstream filter and weather hood.
  • The downstream filter can easily be removed by turning the handle 90°.
  • The probe body and the area around the screw connection for the heated sample gas line are completely insulated.
  • Heater self-regulating to approx. 80 °C.
  • For dust loads up to 2 g/m³.
  • This probe is designed for use in explosive areas (Zone 1 and extracting from Zone 0).

Permissible gas inlet temperatures

: Outer zone temperature class

Self-regulating heater

: +80 °C

Electrical data

: Probe: 230 V, 100 W, 50/60 Hz,  115 V, 100 W, 50/60 Hz

Max. operating pressure

: 6 bar

Ambient temperature

: -40 to +60 °C