Sample gas pumps P1.1, P1.1E, P1.2, P1.2E

Gas analysis is key for safe and efficient system operation in the chemical industry, petrochemistry or biochemistry. Many of the analysis processes used in these fields require sample gas extraction and conditioning. Sample gas pumps convey the sample gas from the sampling point to the conditioning system. The main item in these pumps designed specifically for the application is the PTFE single-piece bellow. Combined with the pump head, also single-piece, this solution provides high resistance against particularly aggressive sample gas. Turning the pump head allows gas with condensate to be conveyed without a problem.

Easy to replace valves.

Single-piece bellows.

Conveys sample gas with condensate.

Proven pump technology.

Attractive price.

Requires little space.

Mounting accessories and screw connections sold separately.

Housing version IP20.

Optionally with built-in bypass valve.

24 V version available.

12 V version available upon request.

FM C-US Approval (ordinary locations) optional.

Nominal voltage / Power input

230 V 50 Hz, 0.48 A

115 V 60 Hz, 0.84 A

Protection class:

IP 00 / IP 20

Weight (without accessories):

approx. 1.3 kg

Ambient temperature:

0 °C to 50 °C