SMART UV-Vis Spectrum probe is a full absorption spectrum probe which analyzers water from 190–750 nm, which monitors NO3-N, COD, BOD, TOC, DOC, SAC25, TSS, Turbidity, Colour, and O3 (application dependent).

SMART UV-Vis probe incorporates spectrum compensation for light-absorbing particles and turbidity which provides a unique solution for the monitoring of dissolved organic substances without sample pre-treatment.

• Measuring Principle : UV-Vis full spectrum (190 -750 nm.)
• Measuring Principle Detail : Spectral Analysis Xenon Flash Lamp
• Optical Path Length : 2 mm/ 5mm/ 20mm/ 35 mm
• Automatic Compensation : Turbidity/ Solids/ Organic substance
• MOC : SS316L
• Automatic cleaning : Compressed Air, Max pressure 4 bar
• Installation / Mounting : Submersed
• Power : by Multi parameter controller, 12VDC, 3W
• IP Ratings : IP 68

• Online multi-parameter immersion spectra analyzing sensor
• Xenon flashlight 50 years theoretical life
• Different optical path lengths for various ranges and application
• 316L Stainless steel housing compatible with water with high salinity
• Factory pre-calibration for easy setup and field calibration for more accuracy
• Turbidity compensation
• Fully integrated with Automatic Air pressure cleaning (optional mechanical wiper)

• Drinking water analyzer
• Wastewater treatment plant
• Process water analysis
• Environmental monitoring
• Ocean & marine water
• Aquaculture
• Municipal treatment plant
• Sewage treatment plant