Turbidity Analyzer

SMART ABTS sensor consists of a light source and a photodetector. Incident light is scattered by the particles in the sample, and the scattered light is measured by the detector.

The sensor uses a long-life near-infrared LED (880 nm/850nm) and the 90°scattered light method as per ISO1027/ EN27027 standard to ensure accurate turbidity values. An automated mechanical wiper is available to keep the surface clean and remove air bubbles from the optical window to maximize accuracy and minimize the maintenance requirement.

• Measuring Principle: Near-infrared LED (880nm/ 850nm) and 90° scattered light method under ISO 1027/EN 27027
• Interface: Modbus RS485
• Material: 316L, Sapphire Glass (Titanium Body Coating is Optional) Auto-Cleaning Automatic wiper cleaning system
• Cable & Length: 9 armored connectors, polyurethane jacket, bare wires or waterproof Fisher 3 meter(standard), higher length on request
• Weight : Approx. 1.3 kgs(sensor + cable 3 metres)
• Protection: IP 68
• CE Marking: EN 61326-1:2013 Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC

• Optical Sensor Near-infrared LED (880nm) and 90°scattered light method under ISO 1027/EN 27027
• Automated mechanical wiper is available for Surface cleaning & air bubble removal
• Robust & Waterproof(lP68) Digital sensor: Modbus RS-485
• Factory pre-calibration for easy setup and field calibration for more accuracy
• Fully compatible with PC software ViewTM for easy setup and data logging

• Industrial Wastewater
• Municipal & Sewage Wastewater
• Drinking Water
• Surface Water Monitoring
• Sanitation Network