Capacitance Level Transmitter - LCT-01

Brix series LCT-01 are capacitance type level transmitters. Vessel wall & probe forms two electrodes. If vessel is of non conductive material, the probe will be double rod type. The distance between electrode & surface area of electrodes remain unchanged. The variable is the depth of the material being measured which represents the dielectric constant between two electrodes. Air & vacuum have relative dielectric constant as 1 & that of liquids, it is greater than 1. The capacitance of the capacitor therefore depends on how much material lies between the probe & vessel wall i.e. Whether the probe is covered with or free from material. The capacitor changes with change in level of the material & provides corresponding 4-20 mA DC continuous output.

  • Electronics Protection Class : Weatherproof IP 65, IP 67
  • Trouble free operation of conductive / non conductive Liquids, slurries
  • Two Wire System
  • 4-20mA DC Output

Probe Length : 1) Up to 2 mtr. -Rod Type

Type of Output : 4 to 20 mA DC, 2 Wire

Process Temperature : 100°C max

Process Pressure : 10 kg/cm max

Probe MOC : SS 316

Power Supply : 1) 24 V DC (+/- 10%)

2) 24V DC 4 to mA Current Loop Powered

Mounting : Top of the tank

Operating Conditions : Temperature 0 to 75°C / Humidity 5 to 95% non condensing at 25°C