Needle valve NVT-3

PTFE needle valves for fine regulation are indispensable in measurement and control system as well as in analysis and laboratory technology.

These needle valves are intended for fine regulation of highly aggressive mediums. The precise spindle adjustment to the valve seat allows for very fine adjustments. The valves can be used for gaseous and liquid mediums.

Protect the equipment from external blows (shockproof installation).

Always clean plastic housing parts and decals with a damp cloth.

Keep the gas flow free from particles and drops.

Gas emanation!

Corrosion-resistant materials

Easy installation


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G 1/4

Flow rate:

up to approx. 400 Nl/h air

Max. operating pressure:

6 bar

Medium temperature max.

130 °C

Ambient temperature:

-20 °C to +80 °C