PGA-TOC Portable Volatile Organic Gas Analyzer

PGA-TOC portable VOC gas analyzer is based on FID and PID detection technology, which can achieve ultra-high sensitivity and rapid detection and analysis of VOC gases in ambient air. The analyzer adopts intrinsically safe and explosion-proof design, consisting of two parts: main unit and sampling rod, equipped with explosion-proof hand manipulator, with fast system response, small volume and light weight, which meets the application requirements of “Volatile Organic Compounds Unorganized Emission Control Standard” (GB 37822-2019) for rapid detection of total hydrocarbons in daily unorganized emissions, and can target leak points of various types of pipe and valve parts, discharge ports and facility confined systems for rapid and Accurate identification, to facilitate the monitoring and management of VOCs disorganized emissions of enterprises.

  • Whole Machine Explosion-proof Design
  • Wide Measurement Range
  • High Integration
  • Long Continuous Operation Time
  • Wireless Transmission

Sampling Flow : At the inlet of the sampling probe, generally 1L/min
Communication : Support WIFI & GPRS communication
Explosion-proof Mark : EX db ia IIC T4 Gb
Power : 7.4V/0.6A
Ambient Temperature : -10℃~45℃
Dimensions & Weight : 280mm×220mm×98.5mm,<4.5kg