Sample gas probe ECO

The traditional assembly of sample gas probes vastly complieswith the VDI/VDE guidelines 3516 from 1978. Based onadvances made since then, particularly in dust filtration, wenow have technical solutions which are far superior to thetraditional versions. Particularly for use in low temperatureapplications but moderate to high dust loads, using the newlydeveloped ECO probe can particularly considerably reduce themaintenance costs of filters. Yet a simple, compact design wasalso important to us to keep purchase and installation costslow. The heart of the ECO probe is the probe body, which holdsthe solenoid valves necessary to blowback the filter element,but also the air reservoir needed for more efficient blowback.The filter element is located directly inside the process andcan be sintered stainless steel or textile. The dust whichcollects on the filter element is blow directly back into theprocess during blowback.

Compact design.

Effective cleaning.

Various filter materials.

Dirt remains inside the process.

Long maintenance intervals.

Easy installation.





Gas inlet temperature:

max. 120 °C

Ambient temperature:

-20 to +60 °C

Weight without filter element:

Approx. 9.3 kg